Is Your Email Campaign Bringing Customers Your Way?

As a moving company owner, you know that building a loyal customer base is crucial to the success of your business. One of the best ways to nurture customer relationships and build value for your moving company is through email campaigns. In this article, we'll explore how to create a value-building email campaign for customers who have given their email address. We'll look at what you should send in the first 21 days and what you should plan to send over the course of the following year.

First 21 Days: A Welcome Email and Articles that Add Value 

The first 21 days after a customer gives you their email address are crucial. In addition to any necessary follow-up emails to book a customer’s move, an email campaign of helpful (automated) articles for your customers shows you're interested in helping them, not just promoting your business. These articles are designed to add value to your customer when they’re undergoing the stress of moving preparation. By increasing trust, you’re further setting the tone for future communication. Here's what you should send in the first 21 days:

Day 1 (send two emails!): 

  • An introductory email about your company with a call to action. Consider offering a discount or promotion.
  • Tips on comparing moving estimates

Day 2: Moving checklist download

Day 3: Moving mistakes to avoid

Day 4: Pet Lover Tips

Day 5: Packing Tips

Day 7: The benefits of renting a storage unit during your move

Day 10: The importance of obtaining moving insurance

Day 14: The importance of self-care during a move

Day 21: How to declutter your home before a move

Over the Course of the Following Year: Educational and Promotional Emails

After the 21st day, make the transition to including them in your newsletter campaign. The communication is less frequent so to avoid bothering subscribers, but still keeps them engaged in a long term conversation and keeps you at the top of their list the next time they need moving services. Here's what you should plan to send over the course of the following year:

  1. Educational Emails Tailored to the Season: Send educational emails that offer tips and advice related to unique challenges associated with the current season of the year. For example, an article about how to move in the winter months or a blog about moving your child into college for their freshman year are both season specific and are often top of mind for customers.
  1. Promotional Emails: While you don't want to bombard your subscribers with promotional emails, sending occasional emails featuring discounts or special offers emphasizes the benefits of your services, such as your experienced team or your reputation for quality service.
  1. Feedback Emails: Finally, consider sending feedback emails to your subscribers. Ask for their opinion on your services or how you can improve your communication. This shows that you're committed to providing the best service possible and that you value their feedback.

Creating a value-building email campaign for your moving company can help you build relationships with your customers and keep your business top of mind. By sending helpful resources in the first 21 days and then transitioning each contact to your subscriber list for emails throughout the year, you can provide value to your subscribers and nurture long-term relationships with your customers. Start planning your email campaign today and watch your customer base grow.

Looking to streamline your email marketing? MoveBees uses the folks at We've found them to be excellent in designing our emails as well as strategizing with us on delivering valuable content to clients in the moving industry. They've also helped us optimize our mailing list so we have less emails bouncing back and more subscriber clicks. Check them out -

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