Transforming your print marketing with a personal touch

First impressions are so important, and most customers get that first impression from your mailer. So how do you create not only a great looking mailer, but, more importantly, an EFFECTIVE mailer that makes your customer want to pick up the phone to call you? We’ve gathered a list of characteristics your mailer needs to achieve amazing ROI!  

ON THE OUTSIDE (The Envelope):

Putting your mailer in an envelope is so important because it creates a sense of privacy and exclusivity. It often implies that the contents are confidential or important, making recipients more likely to open the mailer and take notice of its contents. By choosing an envelope for your company's mailer, you increase the chances of it being opened and read, helping you build stronger relationships with your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

HANDWRITTEN ADDRESS: Personalization can increase the chances of your mailer being opened by a potential customer. Handwriting communicates a personal touch that’s warm and distinct from the billion other pieces of junk mail that are a dime-a-dozen. Don’t have time to write out all those addresses? No problem! Invest in a realistic handwritten font to print on your envelopes.

NO RETURN ADDRESS: Forget the return address. For starters, you don’t want to deal with mailers that get “returned to sender.” But secondly, and more importantly, leaving the return address blank on the envelope helps peak the recipient’s curiosity as well as suspend their judgment until after they’ve engaged with your mailer. By opening the envelope and looking at your content, they’ve already committed slightly and the odds of them committing even more is already higher.


THE OWNER’S FAMILY: Including a picture of the owner’s family in your print marketing can be a powerful tool for building a personal connection with potential customers. People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. When they see the family of the company owner, they can get a sense of who they are as people and what their values and priorities are. 

It can also help build brand awareness. When people see the family in your marketing materials, they are more likely to remember your brand and associate it with the people they see in the marketing. This can be especially effective for small businesses where the owner is often the face of the company.

Just be sure to get the owner’s permission. Even if you’re the owner and it’s your family, make sure your children and spouse are comfortable being seen on advertising. After all, it will be sent to (literally) thousands of people. 

A CLEAR CALL-TO-ACTION (CTA): Make it clear, concise and direct. Action verbs always work best: “Call Now”, “Visit Our Website”, “Sign Up Today.” Never assume the recipient will know what to do or know what you’re asking. Direct them.

CTAs are the perfect opportunity to include a discount. This is especially true if you’ve used an envelope. Reward your recipient - they did, afterall, give your mailer a chance rather than toss it with all the other junk mail. That benefit will pay massive ROI and encourage them to call your company right away.

Make your first impression with potential customers a great one by tending to your mailer and making it a great one. With simple tweaks like these, you’ll transform your print marketing and grow your customer base in no time!

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